Monday, December 5, 2011

The Nutcracker Ballet

Every year our person goes to see The Nutcracker. She loves that ballet and was in it when she was a little girl. We dolls get to take turns accompanying her and this year it was Marly's turn.

All Dressed Up
Marly dressed up in her very prettiest dress and Christmas coat. It was cold out, so she wore a hat, too

In the Atrium
Outside the theater there were booths selling hot soups and crafts. It was fun to look at the goodies. Just being in the big city is exciting for us dolls.

The Nutcracker
Marley said she was sitting in American Girl Doll row, because her friend Aleah came along with her person, and a little girl sitting next to them had an American Girl doll, too. That made the show extra fun for Marly

They don't allow photos to be taken of the show, and our person only had her phone along for pics, so that's about all I have to report on the ballet. Except to say that Marly has not stopped dancing since she got home. I guess the magic of the ballet has let her know that she really wants to be a ballerina.

~ Kiki, your trusty corespondent


  1. Beautiful photo's of Marly and it sounds like she had tons of fun going to the ballet. It would be kewl if she got into the ballet and dancing now because of going.

    We miss you all,

  2. Aww, what a treat for Marly! My human has a special fondness for The Nutcracker, too, since she was in it as a child.

    I love that red coat of hers. It really suits her coloring!


  3. Salut!
    Sounds like a fun outing! I've seen the Nutcracker quite a few times as my sister performed in it back in Lille. It's such a classic.