Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Autumn Days With Hazel

Rock climber

Tah Dah! Here she is, my very outdoorsy girl, Hazel. She's only been here for a few days and kept begging to go into the mountains to hike and climb. She had a great time on this gorgeous fall day and I didn't think I would be able to drag her home. I insisted she wear a helmet when climbing.

Mountain Lake
This was the perfect day for a hike so we went up to Brainard Lake, which is a crystal clear lake at about 10,500 feet in elevation in the Roosevelt National Forest.

We hiked up a trail from the lake and had a picnic. Even at this altitude is was nice and warm in the sun. The ground cover has started to change color because the nights are very cool.

Hazel and the Aspens
This is the time of year to go see the aspen trees and they were truly spectacular. Every fall is different in terms of coloring and this year there was a nice variety of golds, oranges and reds. I'll include a few more photos from our day.



Brainard Lake

Have the leaves started to change where you live? I'd love to see photos of them.