Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Oh boy! It's hard to get photos on Christmas because it is just so busy and exciting. I did sleep a little bit, but woke up early. "Pssssst! Clara, are you awake?" I asked her. "Mmmmm... what?" responded a sleepy Clara. Then suddenly she sat straight up. "Is it Christmas?" she cried. "Yes! Yipppeee!" I yelled as we both started jumping on the bed.

We ran downstairs and were joined by our friend, Aleah, who was visiting for the night.

There were presents for each of us. I got an Apple notebook, Aleah got a pair of Ugg boots and Clara got a new coat. There were other things, too, really too many to remember.

After opening presents and eating a yummy breakfast of Christmas Stollen, we played our new game, Apples to Apples, while the grown-ups were busy cooking the Christmas feast.

YUMMY! I think that sums it up!

We got all dressed up and had a wonderful dinner. Afterward we all sang carols around the new grand piano, which was played by Amanda. I got sleepy after so much food and excitement and hardly remember going to bed.

I have to add that we had a white Christmas this year. The sun was shining on the snow creating the special sparkles and that look like jewels. I think we may get to go sledding tomorrow!

I hope you all had a fun and merry Christmas day.


~ a sleepy but happy Kiki


  1. Kiki, wow sounds like a fun day .. tomorrow getting to go sledding .. KEWL .. we have like NO SNOW here, crazy, we are happy that you have a new grand piano too, that was our big gift for this year.

    Me Miss You All,
    Emi N Family

  2. I love the dresses you guys are wearing! You all look so pretty. Your Christmas feast looks yummy, too! I'm sad Christmas morning is already over and won't come again for a whole nother year...oh well, at least New Years is yet to come!