Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas With Cécile

Today I visited Cécile and Rosalie to see if they were getting ready for Christmas. Well, of course they were! Christmas trees were still a pretty new idea in New Orleans in the 1850's, but Cécile has one. She also has a lovely new dress that Our Person, Tía Meli, made for her. Lucky girl!

Cécile's Christmas Dress

New Orleans Christmas

Hope you are all ready for Christmas. I need to wrap some presents!


~ Kiki


  1. Oooohhh we love her new dress, it is so beautiful, both girls look beautiful for sure, can you believe that it is just a couple days until Christmas. We have not even had a good snow this year at all, it is crazy, but I do not think we are going to have a white Christmas this year. Weird!!

    We love you all and miss you tons, we should do some traveling together to spend some time together this next year.

    Love Emi N Family

  2. I love Cecile's new dress that Tia Meli made for her. It's beautiful!