Sunday, March 8, 2015


What does that crazy title mean? It stands for American Girl Doll of Color Girl of the Year. Each year a doll is made by American Girl that has an lot of special clothes, furniture, accessories, books and even movies just about them. She is only available for one year and is called the Girl of the Year. Everyone knows about her! She's a big celebrity for one year. She's on the cover of catalogs and featured on the AG website and in their stores.

I was one of those lucky dolls myself way back in 2006. My person looks a little bit like me except with curly hair and I think that's one reason I'm her special buddy and blogger. As you know I am half Japanese, half Irish. My friends and I here have a nice variety of different faces and skin colors and we are all beautiful! We know that little girls have different skin colors, hair colors, textures and different shaped eyes, lips and noses and they are all beautiful, too. We think that those little girls should all have the chance to have a doll that resembles them. And not just any doll, but the GOTY!

Anyway, I wish AG would make a GOTY that is a doll of color. So far there has not been a GOTY that represents a black girl and that makes me sad, and there have only been a few that are dolls of color. I want to show you some photos of my friends here that could easily be a GOTY and am hoping that soon AG will have one like them to be that special girl for one year soon.

Gracie is smart and artistic. She loves to play practical jokes on people and gets away with it every time because of her innocent face.

Toni is one of my best friends because she and I both love the outdoors. She's an amazing surfer.

Ivy and Gracie like to hang out a lot.

Rosa's newest passion is baking.

Laila is super smart, loves to read and wants to be a doctor.

Here's Clara taking a walk by the creek with Laila.

Clara is proud of her Latina heritage.

I know there have been GOTYs that were DoC like:



And Sonali who wasn't really the GOTY, but a friend of the main character.

Don't get me wrong, because I am good friends with some of the recent arrivals like:

Lily Mae (Isabelle) who is named after a friend's niece.

And Blanca (Saige) who is named after a friend of our person who she resembles.

Anyway, sorry this got so long. I just wanted you to know that this matters to me and my friends so we are hoping AG will make a GOTY that is a DoC soon! Now I will get back to my favorite activities like playing outside! It's a gorgeous day and I better take advantage of it because it might rain tomorrow.

~ Kiki

Friday, March 6, 2015

A Rainy Day

I was hoping to go out and look for birds or play on the beach, but the weather had something else in mind: RAIN! I know many of you are buried in tons of snow, so I won't complain. At least it was fun to stay inside and read a mystery. I just read "Whistler in the Dark" by Kathleen Ernst and it was really good. It's part of a series of books by American Girl that are set in different parts of history, but don't relate to any specific doll. They're called Mysteries Through History. This one takes place in the Colorado Territory just after the Civil War and I like imagining what it was like in my usual part of the country way back when they were digging for gold and forming new towns. The main character's mom is very forward in her thinking and makes herself a "Reformer Dress" that is actually trousers under a knee length skirt. Wow, she was really brave to wear that because she got lots of grief from both men and women.

What do you like to do on indoor days? And, what are your favorite books? I'm going to the library later and need some ideas since it's supposed to rain off and on over the next week!

~ Kiki

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fina on South Padre

Fina is happy to be back on South Padre Island. She gets to hear Spanish spoken all day long and the weather feels like summer time.

This is the view from our spot on the island. We look over the channel that leads from the Gulf to Brownsville. The Gulf is just a couple hundred yards to the left, but there are sand dunes blocking that view. We can see waves from inside, though, just a bit higher than ground level.

Fina is relaxing in the flowers that cover the grass right now. We had to get out and enjoy this gorgeous day since it is supposed to be rainy later this week. Oh well... The rain is needed after a long period of drought here, so we can't complain too much.  We spent the afternoon at the beach and enjoyed every minute of it. I still can't wait to go bird watching!

~ Kiki

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fina and Josefina in Santa Fe

Many of you may not know, but Fina (our mini Josefina) has been a traveler for many years. She is back in action and recently visited downtown Santa Fe.

We "had" to stop for Mexican hot chocolate at an amazing little chocolate shop. Don't you love the Mexican pottery they serve it in!

It's very common to see art featuring the skeletons from the Day of the Dead. Lamps and mirrors made from elaborately carved tin are very popular.

We saw this sculpture of a burro, and my friends suggested Fina get on for a ride and photo. It's funny how Fina becomes a part of the group and both men and women start making suggestions of things she'd like to do!

Even though Fina always seems to steal the show, I guess because she's so little and cute, beautiful Josefina did get in a few photos:

I hope you have enjoyed this little taste of Santa Fe. :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Josefina in Santa Fe

We are spending some time in Santa Fe, so naturally Josefina is the one that is most excited. Here are some photos of her in her own environment:

The classic blue door of an adobe house.

The windows are painted blue as well.

Lovely mountains views in the distance and the classic fence.

Josefina loves being outdoors and enjoys the piñon and juniper forest.

This is a juniper tree.

And this is a piñon pine.

More photos to come!

~ Kiki

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Baking Club

We have a baking club that meets in the kitchen of the dinner.

Rosa is the head of the baking club.

Eva and Clara joined right away. Everyone got their own apron and matching oven mitt.

The first time the club met Rosa shared her favorite cupcake recipe.

Those were yummy!

The very next meeting Eva came with her laptop and said they should try making macarons. She said they were all the rage right now. None of them had ever tasted one, let alone made one, but they had to try.

It's amazing! The recipe worked.

Our person said, "If you can read, you can cook!" I guess she was right. Congrats to the baking club.

~ Kiki, who doesn't usually bake but likes to eat cupcakes and macarons!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Belated Valentine Wishes

We really did celebrate Valentine's Day, or at least some of us did. Amelie got a new dress made by our person:

Here she is putting Valentines in the mailbox.

Sethany Anne and Nicey Melinda got dressed up. Nicey Melinda (on the right) is wearing another dress made by our person.

That's really all I have for this years holiday. Despite our warm weather, our person had a cold so we tried not to bug her too much. Hope everyone had a nice day.