Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Chance For Fun - The Video Version!

By now you know the we love to make videos and decided to do one with the photos of Tirya and Midnight and our wacky time we had on Tirya's final night with us. By the way, she left this morning and we are going to miss her.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Girls Have a Wild Night!

Here's what happened. We were supposed to be asleep...

But, Eva whispered, "pssst! Tirya, are you asleep?"

And Tirya said, "No, not yet."

And then Mia said, "I'm not even tired. Why did our person put us in bed so early? Let's get up and do something!"

So Eva said, "Let's play some music! That will get us tired. I'll keep the beat on the African shakers."

Mia found a hamnonica:

And Tirya got a kazoo!

And pretty soon we had a full band playing:

We were feeling kind of goofy and started dancing and giggling:

And playing with our pets.

Eva was sooooo funny!

I bet you can guess what happened next. We heard a noise on the stairs and someone was coming! Did our person suspect we were out of our beds and playing on our own? We try very hard not to let her know we can do that, but Kiki is sure she suspects something.

We did what dolls are supposed to do and hopped right back where our person left us. She peeked into the room and smiled. Hmmmm... Good night!

Want to see our room?

We had to clean up our room before Tirya came to visit and took a few pics. There is an extra bed in there for her to sleep in. Here ya go!

We have bunkbeds and have to trade off sleeping on the top:

And here are some of our decorations...

We made this collage together and it has some pics of our friends if you look close:

That's about it!

Horses and Denim

Well, we promised to take Tirya horseback riding, but it is way too muddy on the trail. We did the next best thing and got dressed up in our favorite denim outfits and went to visit Midnight (that's our new horse) in her stable. Don't we look cute?

And here is Midnight:

We let Tirya get on and walk around in the stable...

Mia already has a horse, so Eva gets to have Midnight for her very own!

Tirya is only visiting for a couple more days so we need to make the most of them. We will be back soon. That's it for now. Bye, everyone!

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Fun Day in the Snow

We promised to take Tirya snowboarding and we did. We went to the mountain at Pleasantview Highlands. Luckily we went before it got too warm and the snow melted. Tirya did a great job on the snowboard with encouragement from Mia on her snowshoes. We ran into Kiki who was tubing. I (Eva) was photographer so here are a bunch of photos!

Mia was snowshoeing:
 photo 20100111_38.jpg

 photo 20100111_42.jpg

 photo 20100111_43.jpg

 photo 20100111_44.jpg

Kiki was tubing:
 photo 20100111_45.jpg

 photo 20100111_46.jpg

 photo 20100111_50.jpg

And brave Tirya went snowboarding!
 photo 20100111_30.jpg

 photo 20100111_31.jpg

She hardly ever even fell. Oops! I did catch this one. I'm getting good with my camera. teehee!
 photo 20100111_34.jpg

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Actually, We Did Welcome Tirya

continuing our story...

Tirya: "Hello?"
Mia: "Oh my gosh! You are Tirya? The girl we were waiting for? But how did you get here?"
Tirya: "I was waiting in my travel box and when no one came to open it, I just climbed out."
Eva: "Wow! That was really brave of you. Are you OK?"

Tirya: "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little hungry."
Mia: "Of course you are! Have some pizza! Have a sandwich! Have some lemonade!"

Eva: "And have a hug! We are so glad you are here."

The girls chatted and munched and had a great time getting to know each other. They finished the meal with a big piece of cake. Yummy!

This is the end of Tirya's welcome story, but she is staying with us for a couple of weeks and I know there will be more adventures with her. Tomorrow Mia plans to take her to Pleasantview Highlands for snowboarding! Please check back. ;)

All's Well That Ends Well for Tirya

Our story continues with Mia and Eva busy in their kitchen...

Eva: "I'm almost done cleaning up."

Mia: "The table is all set. I hope Tirya likes pizza!"

Eva: "Here's the sign we made: Welcome Tirya!"

Mia: "That takes care of everything. Now we just listen for the doorbell to ring and we will get to meet our guest."

Tirya: "Hello?"

Mia and Eva together: "Aaaaaaaah!"

Tirya: "Sorry to scare you. I'm Tirya and I think I'm supposed to be staying here for awhile."

to be continued...

Traveling Tirya's Dubious Welcome

A box arrived and was placed in the entryway of our home. And then it was apparently forgotten! Here's what happened...

*uffff, urgggh, bump, rustle* "Ouch!"

"Phew, that was hard!"

"Boy, am I glad to get some fresh air!"

"But where is everyone that was supposed to meet me? Hello?"


"Guess I'll just climb out and have a look around."

"I wonder if I'm home alone?!?!"

"Wait a minute... Is that pizza I smell? I'm starving!"

"Only one way to find out."

stay tuned for the next installment...