Sunday, December 28, 2014

Holiday Catch Up!

We have been so busy lately and having so much fun that I have neglected to update you on our fun winter/holiday activities! Here's what's been going on around Pleasantview Doll Town.

Lora Lee started helping out in her parent's diner on the last day of school before the holiday break. She is hoping to earn enough money to buy her own horse! Sophie and Maggie came in for some yummy diner food.

Lora loves the fact that she gets to wear roller skates while working in the diner. It's much more fun that way.

Last week Kanani, Tara, Rosa, Clara and Izzy got dressed up and opened the gifts we received in a holiday swap.

There's been lots of action outdoors! The mountain was so busy and crowded that I had to wait my turn to go sledding. That's what happens when we get our first snowfall and it was right in time for Christmas. Teddy got a little carried away on his tube and went spinning down the mountain at top speed.

Things have been busy over on the skating pond, too. Holly is coaching Toni on some fancy figure skating moves.

Luci waited for her turn and had some hot chocolate in the warming hut.

Nicey Melinda and Sethany Anne went out with the sleigh to get a Christmas tree. They are named after the dolls in Tasha Tudor's book, "The Dolls' Christmas" which I highly recommend.

Later the two girls came inside and baked cookies. YUM!

More to come soon!

~ Kiki