Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Lost Little Girl - Part 2

Rennie Back in the Forest
Rennie went back out to look for her friend Zoe, who was still lost. She called and called, but Zoe did not respond.

Dana knew Rennie was getting discouraged and went out to help.

Bucky Beagle
Dana had the great idea to bring out Bucky Beagle to help look for Zoe! Rennie thought that was a good idea, too.

Bucky Beagle
Dana took off the leash and Bucky started to run. He sniffed the air...

The Other Way!
Wait! He has picked up a scent in the opposite direction!

The girls took off following the pup and trying to keep up.

Oops! Dana fell down. [this is actually a blooper!]

A Playground
"Look!" cried Rennie. "A playground! We always dreamed of being able to visit one of these."

"Woof! Woof! Woof!" said Bucky. He was looking up at the top of the climbing structure.

Meet Zoe
And there, peering out from the top was a little red headed girl. It was Zoe! "You found me!" she cried. "I climbed up to the top of this big structure to get a better view and figure out where to go."

Zoe climbed down and got a hug from Rennie. "I'm so glad we found you. Thanks to Bucky," said Rennie.

The Three Girls
Rennie introduced Zoe to Dana and they all enjoyed the happy ending.

And Bucky had a happy ending, too.

A Lost Little Girl - Part 1

A doll shop was closing and the dolls whispered to each other about their fears of what would happen to them. Some said they would be thrown in a bin and taken to a dump. Other's said they would end up in a pile in a thrift store with their clothes lost and hair all matted. Some of the girls decided to take matters into their own hands and run away. Adrienne was one of them. She goes by "Rennie" and convinced her best friend, Zoe, to join her. So, one morning before the shop opened they climbed out of their boxes and through an open window.

Little Girl in the Forest

I found little Rennie in the forest looking lost and confused. She and Zoe had been separated when being chased by a cat.


I told Rennie she could come live with us in the doll world of Pleasantview and we would take good care of her. We went home together to have some lunch, promising to go back out and look for her friend later. be continued...

Veteran's Day Parade

The Journey Girls were invited to participate in the Veteran's Day parade. The pompom squad and the majorette enjoyed the special day.

Veteran's Day Parade.

The pompom squad.

The Majorette

The group shot.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Little Snow

Kiki was very excited to wake up to snow. It looks so pretty on the pine trees.

It Snowed!


The water that comes off one part of the roof runs down a chain and when it froze it made a lovely ice sculpture.


The sun is coming out and the snow will not last, but we can look forward to a bigger snow that the girls can play in sometime.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Marta is Home

Marta was off visiting a friend and just got home. She was glad to be back and explored the backyard.

She saw that the aspens have just started to change colors.

Some of the leaves are relish in color.

Climbing in the elm tree is always lots of fun.

It feels like both fall and summer at the same time in the garden.

Finally, she enjoyed the play structure and slide.

Welcome home, Marta!