Thursday, January 1, 2015

Eavesdropping On The Boys

Last night Clara and I were doing some work in the doll house, cleaning up before having a little New Years celebration. I nudged Clara because the boys were having such a funny conversation. We eavesdropped, but I don't think they'd mind. Here's what we heard:

Eric: Dude! What are you wearing?

Teddy: What? It's my suit. Our person thought we might want to dress up for New Years. All the girls are.

Eric: Wait a minute! Did you say "WE?" You mean I have to wear one of those, too?


Teddy: Fine by me! I'll be the only handsome dude at the party!

P.S. Eric is a new boy here. Our person thought Teddy might need a friend. We'll see how that goes!