Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sharing - A Thanksgiving Story

This year Kiki, Clara and Charlotte decided to go to the local shelter and serve food for Thanksgiving. There are always so many people who can use some help, and a nice meal is a wonderful gift to give them.

 photo DSC_0364_zpslic7vbpp.jpg
Kiki arrived early to help set things up and was put at the front of the service line.

 photo DSC_0365_zpseteybnov.jpg
Charlotte started out by serving pie. She brought cupcakes that the baking club made to serve, too.

 photo DSC_0366_zpskhmqcq14.jpg
Clara handed out drinks and made sure the guests had everything they needed.

 photo DSC_0387_zpsny3rlbsv.jpg
"Look at all this food!" said Sophie. She admired the feast before getting a plate to fill.

 photo DSC_0371_zpssw2rrxno.jpg
Soon a line formed and the girls served up the yummy food and made many people happy.

Happy Thanksgiving!