Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Celebrations

Do you love Halloween as much as I do? I like dressing up as a favorite character and getting LOTS of candy! ;)
treehouse halloween
Some of my friends and I have been decorating our treehouse for a Halloween party. Chrissa is helping me haul up a big tub of candy. Eva, who loves to decorate, put up the pumpkin lights.
Halloween Party
These girls love to decorate and bake and are getting ready to have a party for the younger kids in the neighborhood.
Halloween Party
They have lots of good food like candy apples and pumpkin pie. Halloween Party
There is even more food being made in the kitchen. Anya is rolling out more cookie dough, Emily is in charge of decorating the pumpkin cookies, and Tina is watching the oven. Those girls are organized!

Photobucket Meanwhile, at the rancho, Josefina is preparing to celebrate El Día de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Most of this food is for the ancestors, but the kids get to eat calaveras de azucar, or sugar skulls!

I hope everyone has a save and Happy Halloween!


Kiki who is eating lots of kandy! teehee

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow Day

Snow Day 1 of 4
Kirsten was still asleep as the day began to brighten with the dawn. Even half awake she began to sense something was different. There was a hush in the air and the cabin felt cold. She shivered even though wearing her warmest flannel nightgown.
Snow Day 2 of 4
Then she sat up with a start! Wait! Could it be...?
Snow Day 3 of 4
She ran to the door and threw it open. "YES! It's snowing!" she cried.
Snow Day 4 of 4
"Happy snow day, everyone!"

The first snow of the season is always very exciting. Mia, Eva, Luci and I all hope to go out and play in it when we finish our chores!


Kiki, your trusty, ace reporter from Pleasant View. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Colonial Autumn

Hi! It's your trusty reporter, Kiki, here with more news from Pleasant View! (that's what we call our doll town!) Today the autumn festivities continued as the colonial girls, Felicity and Elizabeth, were invited to ride their horses in the parade. They had to wear their most fancy riding clothes, and were actually too hot in them, but they kept smiling anyway. Horses!
First they got the horses ready.
They headed off to the parade and ended up having a great time waving to the crowd while riding slowly through the town.

That's it for this report. Kiki, over and out!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Montoyas at a Harvest Festival

It's Kiki here and don't tell me I haven't written since Easter! Golly, Gosh, and Gooseberries that's a long time! Well, there is a lot going on around here now. We have been reorganizing our rooms and houses and doing all kinds of new things. It will take time to catch everyone up on the activities around here, but I'm going to do my bestest!!! First I want to fill you in on what has been going on in the Montoya family. Josefina and her older sister, Esperanza, and younger sister, Adelita, have been getting ready for the annual Harvest Festival...
From Harvest Festival
Esperanza: "¡Mira, Josefina! Look! Isn't my new dress lovely? And look at my hair. It took Mamá three hours to get it the way I wanted. I just know I will be the prettiest girl at the Harvest Festival. Don't you agree?" Josefina said, "Claro. Of course," while she rolled her eyes with a smile. She knew that her big sister was always thinking about her looks, which Josefina found to be a bit silly.
From Harvest Festival
Then Esperanza said, "Where is Adelita? I don't want to be late. Or, maybe it is more fashionable to make a grand entrance a bit late. But, by then everyone will be talking in groups and I won't know how to fit in. Oh dear! I think we should hurry and get there early so I can be sure and find my friends right away. Josefina just shook her head and went to find their little sister.
From Harvest Festival
Josefina found Adelita outside practicing her weaving. She loved to do anything artistic and was already showing promise as a weaver. "Adelita! You don't have shoes on and it's time to leave."
From Harvest Festival
Adelita replied, "Okay, I'm coming. I wish I could finish this blanket, but I'll hurry and get my shoes. I know there will be lots of yummy treats at the festival.
From Harvest Festival
It was a beautiful and warm afternoon for the fiesta. On the way there they girls saw farmers bringing in the hay bales for winter and one was constructing a shelter to keep the hay dry when it snows. They were glad to be early to the fiesta and saw some scary sights there.
From Harvest Festival
One of the best parts of the day was the hayride. The hay wagon is pulled by horses in the Montoyas time, but today it was pulled by a tractor. The kids and adults climb aboard and sing songs as the wagon goes through the fields of pumpkins and corn. There were still other vegetables growing, too: eggplant and tomatoes and the scent of herbs filled the air.
From Harvest Festival
The girls had apple cider and candy apples and roasted corn to eat. Josefina found the perfect pumpkin to bring home. "This will make lots of pies!" she exclaimed.
From Harvest Festival
When it was finally time to go the tired sisters posed for one last photo to remember their wonderful day.