Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Timewarp!!! Back to Lalita's Visit

Remember when Lalita came and stayed with me for a few days over her spring break? And she had a surprise for me? Well, I am finally going to finish telling you that story. Sorry it took so long!

So anyway, Lalita and I went to my bedroom so she could change clothes. "Ready for your surprise?" she asked.

And Lalita brought out 2 little ponies! One is actually a unicorn, but both were gifts for me!

But, of course I shared and we played ponies for hours!

The next day we wanted to go out and ride the real horses, but Tía said it was much to windy. The horses get spooked easily, so maybe tomorrow. Inky would say, "stinkbugs!" but we sang, "Wind, wind go away. Come again another day. Kiki and Lalita want to play!"



  1. Such cute little ponies they are! That was really nice of Lalita to give them to you, Kiki. I hope you two are able to ride the real horses soon.


  2. How fun .. I love the little ponies they are so cute .. my sisters have some of them. I have little mini petshop characters too.

    Hope to see you soon, maybe I should sneak away from home with Sophie and come visit you. Mama says she is coming to your house for next month.

    I am so glad that you guys had fun while she was visiting .. friends are the greatest treasure around.