Thursday, April 22, 2010

Foggy Day

When I woke up this morning the whole world looked different! I could not see the mountains, just a huge wall of gray fog! That was super exciting to me, because I live in a semi-arid climate. Want to know what that means? I looked it up! It means "with very little rainfall and scrubby vegetation." Yep, that sounds right for around here.

So anyway, I wanted to run outside right away, especially after Tía said it had rained during the night and I could go check the rain gauge. Look! We got a half inch of rain! I'm going start recording how much rain we get from now on.

American Girl,Kiki,fog,rain

After that I looked across the foggy field and pretended there was a big ocean right there with giant ships bringing treasures from around the world.


Here's some of that "scrubby vegetation" they were talking about. Our yard is all native plants and it's called xeriscape. Here's what that means: "a method of landscaping that emphasizes water conservation in its use of drought-resistant plants." I like our plants, though, and some of them are really pretty in the summer.

Do you get lots of rain? I know some people get tired of it. But, I want to go back out and play like I'm a pirate stranded on an island and watching for my ship to come rescue me. TTYL!!!


  1. Hi Kiki,
    I wrote about rain today too! I love the pic of you by the rain gauge. Your field is so big, do you like to run across it? What state do you live in? We have the same boots. It's usually too warm here and not really rainy enough to wear the coat though. Have fun playing pirates.

  2. Kiki, you look adorable in your raincoat! I'm hoping that I'll get one just like it someday. ;)
    We do get a lot of rain in Virginia. Maybe not as much as Oregon or Washington State, but we get our fair share, and I don't really mind it at all. That said, I'm not really allowed to go out in it. Maybe if I have my own raincoat that'll change...


  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for entering, Kiki. :)


  4. Kiki,
    You look nice in the rain coat, hat and boots. It rains here and sometimes in some areas of our state they have to watch for flood levels. The only good thing about rain is you don't have to shovel. But too much is no good. Thanks for sharing your photos. I love the rain gauge.
    Samantha Joy