Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hope You Had a Happy Easter

There is so much to tell you all! I am way behind in letting you know about some cool things that have happened here. There have been Easter presents and a gift for winning a give-away and all sorts of stuff. Promise to catch up this next week and no fingers crossed behind my back! ;-)

For now, here is a pic of Eva and Mia serenading our guests after Easter dinner. They are really good musicians!


TTYL ~ Kiki


  1. Hey .. you guys must have had a lot of fun .. Marsali plays the violin too .. wish we could have heard your serenade.

    Cannot wait to hear all of the news ..

    Ta Ta,

  2. Awesome! I'll bet you two are quite the musicians. Me, I can play the clarinet...well, not really. I just sort of picked it up in California and was given a few quick lessons. ;) Maybe I'll have Laura teach me the violin when I get back to Virginia. She used to play, although she needs a new violin.

    Oh, Laura PMed your Tia on AGFans. ;) I was thinking that maybe I could visit you girls after my visit with the Boltons?