Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Do You Ever Get Presents in the Mail?

We did!!! It was so exciting. An envelope came last week and it was for all 3 of us from our friends the Bolton Girls. Emi sent me the coolest stuff: a camera, a silver headband and some argyle socks. I've really been wanting a camera! She also sent a cute card:


Here's a close up of the camera cause it's so KEWL!


Mia and Eva got bunnies and socks from Tirya! Tía was really happy we all got socks cause we don't have very many plus we don't wear shoes in the house.


It was great that Mia and Eva both got bunnies cause they are always playing together and they both LUV bunnies!


Thanks soooooo much Bolton girls for our presents!


AND I have something else that came in the mail, but I'm going to do another post about that. Stay tuned!



  1. Yeahhhhh .. .. .. we are so happy that you loved your gifts .. Tirya misses you guys so much .. Emi cannot wait to come visit someday ..

    Ta Ta,

  2. Cute things! Surprise gifts are the best! I love sending them just as much as I receive them, although sometimes it's tricky to find just the right thing to send. ;)

    I'm looking forward to meeting you three!


  3. Ooh fun gifts! That is so exciting. The Bolton girls have all kinds of goodies, don't they? You all look so cute and you look great in green Kiki! :)