Friday, February 26, 2010

Meet Maria Liliane

This is our little sister, Mary! Her full name is Maria Liliane, but she said to call her Mary so we will! She is really nice and a little shy, but it is her first day here.

Tía knitted her a vest with a heart on it for a welcome present.

Here we are together: (Eva, Mary, and Mia in case you can't tell!)

And speaking of names, do you know our full names? Mia is really Maria, and Eva is really Evelina! We like to write our fancy names but never call each other by them.

Gotta run, but TTYL!


  1. She is very pretty! :)
    My best friend's name is Lilly, and she is a #21 as well.

  2. Lili is very pretty! She looks like she could be your sister, Mia and Eva! :)


    (P.S.: I'm a #21, too!)

  3. Salut Lili! I love the name Lili! It seems to suit your new friend just perfectly. I love her new sweater, too.


  4. Your new sister looks cute .. I just picked out my new sister and sent her home to Mama and the girls .. I miss you .. Tirya!!

  5. Lili is lovely! Her eyes look so much like yours- they're very pretty. I have a friend whose name is also Lili- she was adopted in China!

    Happy March!

  6. Welcome Lili! Your vest is pretty!

  7. Welcome to the blog, Lili!!! I LUV your hair!! You look so much like Mia and Eva - you could be sisters!!!