Friday, February 12, 2010

We Got Bling!

That is to say, we did get our ears pierced yesterday. It didn't hurt at all! Well, maybe a little bit, but now we look very grown up. The flash made the earrings shine. Girls love their bling! Teehee!

In case you are wondering, that photo was taken at a Valentines Day party. It was fun with lots of treats and we made Valentines and gave them to each other.

Tía wants us to remind you that kids need to get an adult's permission before they get their ears pierced (or their dolls' ears!) :)


  1. Thanks! I love your blog, too! :)
    I like your earrings, Mia and Eva. They are so pretty!
    That Valentine's Day Party looks so much fun. Your outfits are all very festive!


  2. That party looks really fun! I haven't gotten my ears pierced yet; I'm afraid it will hurt too much.

    Happy Valentine's Day!