Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kiki's Turn!

Remember when we said we would have to share this blog with some of our sisters? Well, we have a really cool sis named Kiki. You may have seen her in some other photos. She's lived here a long time and is one of our favorite sisters because she is so creative. She's always making up fun stories and singing silly songs to herself. She loves to tease us with silly rhymes she makes up. So watch for some blogs from Kiki!


  1. Hey, Kiki is cute, she looks like this girl Jessica McConnell at my school, she wears this long orange dress...

    Haley :)

  2. Hello Kiki, glad to see you are going to post some too. You all met my sister Tirya, I am taking over the blog for her since she is traveling .. cannot wait to read your blogging too. Have fun ..

    Ta Ta Ha Ha,

  3. Wow, Kiki is gorgeous! I love her reddish highlights. Sometimes I wish my hair had red in it. I have subtle brown highlights, but no red. *sigh* Anyway, Kiki even *looks* like she has really neat stories to tell; I'm looking forward to reading them!


  4. Kiki is gorgeous! I just love her outfit...where did you find it?

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  6. oops! I had that wrong - Kiki's outfit is from Hobby Lobby! haha :))