Saturday, February 6, 2010

TOP SECRET! Shhhhhh....

Hi everyone! We have decided to do something to surprise our Tia. "Tía" means "aunt" in Spanish and is what we call the human who takes care of us. Anyway, she said her father used to tell a story of a woman in his neighborhood who loved her Christmas tree so much that she left it up for months. AND, she decorated it for Valentines Day with red hearts and bows! Well, Tía loves Christmas trees and this year she talked her family into leaving up a small white one that has really pretty colored lights. But, it looks kind of bare without the Christmas decorations so we are going to surprise her and decorate it for Valentines Day! But, don't tell! ;)

I (Mia) am going to tell you the first part of the story. So, today we started out by making some hearts out of clay. We got out the red clay, a rolling pin, and cookie cutters:

I asked Eva to help but she had just tried on her new Valentines Day dress and didn't want to take it off... she said she would supervise. Oh, brother!

I rolled the clay with the rolling pin...

...and cut out hearts with a cookie cutter.

Then I poked a small hole in near the top for a piece of string to go through later.

"Don't make it too big, or too small!" advised Eva.

Here are all the lovely hearts. They are on a cookie sheet, but this is not the kind of clay you have to bake. We aren't allowed to use the oven by ourselves, so we used the air dry clay.

Tomorrow the hearts will be dry and we can move on to the next step. Stay tuned! :)


  1. What a great idea! I think your mom will be very surprised!

  2. Oh how happy your Tia will be .. that is such a wonderful idea. We finally took down our tree last week, Mama wanted the room back. LOL!! Ours was in the park this year, that is where mama takes most of our store photos. LOL!! Have fun decorating, and hope to meet you soon. Mara!!

  3. Oh Mia - that is just Brilliant! What a wonderful tradition and you did such a great job showing everyone all about how to do it - so Cool!

    Eva, you look absolutely Stunning in that dress and its perfectly understandable why it was just perfect for "supervising" - clever girl LOL!!!\

    Oh Your Tia is going to be so very Happy!

  4. We haven't taken down our tree yet either. Jillian suggested we decorate it for Valentine's Day, instead. But we like it just as it is. Though your idea looks like a good one! Have fun!

    - Sora, Violet, Lorikeet, Lyre Chickadee and Zipporah Valdez