Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Have a Friend Visiting - Meet Lalita!

Yesterday afternoon the doorbell rang and it was my friend Lalita. She's on spring break and is going to stay at my house for a few days. Yippee!!!

Lalita's name is Hindu for "beautiful woman." Isn't that cool? She goes to The International School down in the big city and knows people from all over the world. I like her uniform, but Tía says I'd get tired of it if I had to wear it every day.

Oops! We got interrupted when someone furry came over to check out the open door.

Who me?

"Come on, Lalita! Take your coat off and I'll get your bags so we can go play!"

"OK, but don't look in this bag because there's a surprise inside."
"Really, Lalita? What is it?"

"Let's go to your room, Kiki, and you can find out!"

to be continued...


  1. Lalita is GORGEOUS! Oh to look like her...LOL, silly me, I have a teensy "crush" on East Indian gals!

    Have fun!


  2. Wow, she is beautiful! Great pictures, also. Your pictures are always beautiful. :)
    I wonder what the surprise could be?!?

  3. Yeah .. I just had Sophie show up .. we are off to load photo's for this .. Have fun .. Emi says she is jealous .. LOL!!

    Ta Ta,

  4. Hello!

    Wonder what the surprise is! Lalita is very pretty!