Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kiki Looks for Spring

Hi guys! It's Kiki! And that is just plain "Kiki", not "Kooky Kiki" like Mia calls me sometimes. I don't mind cause I know she loves my kooky sense of humor. But anyway... I went on a hike to look for signs of spring. I followed a long, winding trail into the dark forest...

OK, we don't have much of a forest around here, but there is a bubbling creek that is known to be haunted by a weeping woman...

OK, maybe it's not haunted, but I did see a pair of mallard ducks. In fact all the ducks were in pairs and I bet they have a nest nearby and will have ducklings soon!

Underneath the old fall leaves are shoots of green grass coming up. Yay!

And then look what I found!

Forget about spring. I KNOW there is something very interesting and mysterious living inside that hollow log. It is huge and very dark inside. Maybe I can come back with Mia and Eva and a flashlight to explore it's secret depths. I think I need backup to go into a deep log in a dark forest next to a haunted creek! ;)

Laters Gators! Kiki

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  1. I understand .. I would want back up to .. that could be a lot of fun or NOT!! LOL!! You are hunting for spring and we are going snowshoeing today .. LOL

    Ta Ta Ha Ha,