Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ice Skates for Christmas

Ice Skates for Christmas
Anna asked for two things for Christmas: ice skates and a puppy. She's been a very good girl and Santa brought her both, plus a lovely outfit to wear while skating. Her mama knitted a stocking hat and mittens to go with the outfit. "Woof!" says the new puppy, warning Anna that ice is very slippery!

First Time on the Ice
Anna takes a few cautious steps and then glides across the ice. What fun!

A New Puppy for Christmas
Oops! Anna falls, but isn't hurt. Her puppy runs to comfort her with a few licks on the face.

Puppy is Named Snowball Now
Puppy doesn't like ice, but he loves the snow. He bounds through the drifts piled around the pond and Anna laughs as she brushes him off. Now she knows what she will name him: Snowball!


  1. What fun Anna has had on her new ice skates wearing her delightful new outfit. Her puppy Snowball is very cute as well.

  2. I've not seen those skates in blue before, only white or silver. They are a good match for her scarf.