Friday, January 6, 2012

Three Kings Day, Legos and Lalas!

Today I want to tell you about how Josefina and her family celebrate more of the Christmas season. Today is Three Kings Day. It is the day when the three kings arrived at the stable where baby Jesus was born, and they brought him presents. To celebrate this, Josefina and Esperanza put out their shoes last night.

Shoes Are Ready
The shoes were filled with straw for the camels to eat, and the girls hoped they would each get a present. Well...

Josefina and Niña
Josefina got a lovely doll. She is so happy! She named the doll Niña.

And Esperanza got a necklace which is a beautiful cross. It think there are real jewels on it, but I'm not sure!

Presents!  6/366 Toy Project ADAD
So, they DID get presents, and just what they had hoped for. Today they are all dressed up because there will be a big fiesta in the town to honor the Three Kings. Naturally Esperanza will wear her new necklace and Josefina will bring her doll.

In other news... I was playing with Mia the other day. Guess what she likes... Legos!!!

Let's Play Dollies 4/366 Toy Project
We played with some Star Wars Legos that she had from Christmas and I thought it was fun. But, then Clara came along and wanted to play dolls, but Mia said "No thanks!" I was kind of stuck, because I couldn't just leave Mia and go play dolls with Clara, but I felt bad for Clara because she would have to play dolls all alone. Later I talked to Clara about it and she said not to worry. She and her dolls had a great time. They had a tea party.

Clara's Style of Playing 5/366 Toy Project - ADAD
Dolly #1 said: "Would you like more tea, Dahling?"
Dolly #2 said: "Oh, yes! That would be lovely, dear."

I guess it all worked out. Next time I want to play dollies!

So, inquiring minds want to know!
1. Do you celebrate Three Kings Day?
2. Would you rather play with Legos or dolls or both?

Over and out,
~ Kiki


  1. Well I would have to say that I would rather play with dolls myself, but you did the right thing by playing what you were, but it would have been more fun probably with the dolls, at least for me, but I do like legos sometimes.

    We love and miss you,
    Emi, Tirya

  2. No, I don't celebrate 3 King's day, but my aunt's family does because they are Puerto Rican. We don't get Christmas gifts from them, but 3 King's day gifts!
    As for Legos and dolls, I wouldn't be able to choose either!

  3. I've never heard of 3 King's Day, might have to start that here at my house.

    I don't have Lego so it's dolls for me!