Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kiki Reports on ... KIKI

Don't you think it's about time I wrote about myself? After all, this is Kiki's Korner, not Mia, Eva, Kirsten, Samantha, Josefina and everyone else's corner. I mean, I like reporting about them and frankly there are days when I don't have a very interesting life, so, it's a good thing someone else does! But, that's not always true, which brings me to the other reason this report is about me.
Today I was wandering around our doll town, wondering what to write about. It was a grey day, which is unusual for us, and a cold wind was blowing. The streets were empty and quiet, except for the sounds of dried leaves blowing across the sidewalk. There was no one around, no kids playing or anything interesting to see.

I was getting cold and I had decided to head back home, when I passed Samantha's house. I saw through the window that she was talking to Eva and Clara. I knocked on the door and they invited me in for a cup of hot tea. I'd rather have hot chocolate, but tea with honey is good, too. I hoped they were talking about something new and exciting to inspire my blog report. But, guess what were they discussing - clothes! Seriously! I couldn't believe it. They were taking all about making new clothes for spring, and what would be in style, what colors they would like to wear... and it's still January! I had my pencil and pad ready to take notes and quickly dropped them back in my pocket. Borrrrring! I drank my tea, said thanks, and left.

So, I guess today I have to write about myself. Okay, first, I am not interested in clothes. (Haahaaa - you already know that!) Second, I have mentioned in other blogs that I love science and animals. And, third, I love sports! My favorites are snowboarding and skateboarding. I also like to roller blade, play soccer, and go hiking, and pretty much do anything outdoors. Lately I've been taking gymnastics, mostly because it will help me learn to do tricks on my boards. Gymnastics is a great way to get strong and flexible.

My gymnastics class is also fun because I get to take it with Mia, Luci and Ayla. It's fun to have friends in classes and makes me look forward to them even more than I would anyway. Luci is really good at the balance beam. Mia and Ayla love the bars. My favorite thing is learning to do flips and jumps. We do them on the trampoline and the floor, too. I'm getting better every day.

So, that's me in a nutshell: not a fashionista, but science and animal lover, and a sporty kind of girl who likes to write reports about her friends and town. There you go!

It would be great if you want to let me know what kind of sports you like best! If you don't like any sports, that's okay, too. And, sorry. It's too windy for me to take any photos today!

Hugs, ~ Kiki


  1. Salut, Kiki!
    I absolutely love clothes. It's a very bad obsession. My sister does, too, and fortunately for me, she shares. Our styles are different, but she has a few pieces that I like.
    I don't enjoy playing sports because I'm terribly unathletic, but I highly enjoy watching sports. I am partial to dance (though I consider it to be an art form, too) because my sister and best friend are both talented dancers. I've also grown to love soccer because my brother and two best guy friends play...oh, and it's very popular in France. Go LOSC! ;)
    Micki played soccer; she was suspended from the team. She is a gymnast, too, though. She claims to be a "threat" to her competitors when it comes to the uneven bars. That's Micki for you, though...

  2. Kiki, hello my dearest friend, I have missed talking to you and hearing from you .. sounds like life is going good for you .. a little winter boredom though, specially with little or no snow. We are for sure going through that here.

    I know what you mean about clothes, BORING .. but I am taking gymnastics, jazz, and tap dance this year. It has been fun to get out and do more during the winter when we would normally do nothing with no snow and cold weather.

    I Miss You TONS!! We need to do a visit again someday ..
    Love Ya,