Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting Ready for Valentines Day

It might be a little early, but some of the girls here are very excited about Valentines Day. Lalita, Eva and Luci began decorating the treehouse this morning. I think they are planning to have a Valentines Party. Lalita
Lalita wanted to show you one of the hearts they made. First they rolled out some air dry clay and cut out the hearts with a cookie cutter. After it dried they painted on designs, and then added a coat of shiny sealer. Before the clay dried they also poked a hole in the top so they could add a pretty ribbon for hanging up the hearts.
Eva decorated a mailbox for everyone to put the Valentines in.
Luci put up some pink paper with tiny hearts inside the treehouse and is getting ready to put some hearts in there.
Valentine Treehouse
Here's the progress so far. I think it's looking good!

Are you doing anything special for Valentines Day?

Hugs, ~ Kiki


  1. Right now I do not think we are doing much for Valentines day, we did enter the swap on PT this year for the heck of it, but other than that I am not sure what will be happening this year. lol

    Love Miss You,
    Tirya, & Family

  2. Salut!
    I'm not doing much for Valentine's Day...wait, scratch that idea. It's Lilly's birthday. I hope to buy her a cake and a present.

  3. How cute! I love your decorations!! :)