Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Larson's Cabin

Hello from Kiki! Today we are going to visit the Larson cabin. They live in a lovely valley in the mountains and have been working hard on getting the new cabin ready for winter. I took some photos to show the progress they have made. Photobucket
In the main area they have a new fireplace. They also made a hearth rug to place in front of it. I hope they have more firewood outside!


Kirsten is really proud of the new table and chairs because she painted them a lovely blue to remind her of Sweden. Her big sister, Greta, added the flower designs to make them even prettier.


There is still a lot to do in the cabin, but at least Greta and Kirsten are cozy and warm for winter.

That's all for now!

~ Kiki


  1. That rug by the fire place is very cute! I love the Fall decorations on the table!

  2. Everything looks great .. they have a really kewl looking cabin and the table and chairs are sooooo cute and awesome .. we got the fireplace for the library too .. love it .. right now it is going to go in the music room with our new piano .. that is if Mama ever feels good enough to put them together .. lol


  3. Salut, Kiki!
    The cabin looks nice! I love all the tiny details that make it feel like home.