Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Celebrations

Do you love Halloween as much as I do? I like dressing up as a favorite character and getting LOTS of candy! ;)
treehouse halloween
Some of my friends and I have been decorating our treehouse for a Halloween party. Chrissa is helping me haul up a big tub of candy. Eva, who loves to decorate, put up the pumpkin lights.
Halloween Party
These girls love to decorate and bake and are getting ready to have a party for the younger kids in the neighborhood.
Halloween Party
They have lots of good food like candy apples and pumpkin pie. Halloween Party
There is even more food being made in the kitchen. Anya is rolling out more cookie dough, Emily is in charge of decorating the pumpkin cookies, and Tina is watching the oven. Those girls are organized!

Photobucket Meanwhile, at the rancho, Josefina is preparing to celebrate El Día de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Most of this food is for the ancestors, but the kids get to eat calaveras de azucar, or sugar skulls!

I hope everyone has a save and Happy Halloween!


Kiki who is eating lots of kandy! teehee


  1. Kanani's outfit is adorable and I love Josefina's skirt!

  2. wow i love your displays! their little home is so cute! i wish i had that tree house!!!!!

  3. Snow and Halloween and you guys have been busy having all kinds of new things happening. Mama has been boring lately so all we have done is school and NOTHING .. lol

    We all miss you guys .. take care and keep posting,