Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Orleans Girls

Hi again! I wanted to report that Cécile is right at home here with us.


Holly insisted she try on some modern clothes and come meet the gang at the treehouse. Everyone thought she was really sweet. But, we knew something was wrong. Didn't she like us?

It turned out that Cécile was just uncomfortable in modern clothes. She put back on her dress from her own time period and then her long lost sister, Rosalie, came running down the stairs.

It was a wonderful reunion and I took a quick photo. Cécile and Rosalie are busy setting up their home and said I am welcome to come visit any time so I will be reporting more later.

Au revoir!
Kiki, who is now learning French! teehee


  1. Bienvenue, Cécile! She looks right at home with Rosalie, and even if modern clothes aren't her thing, that sweater looks great on her.

  2. Welcome home Cécile! She and Rosalie look adorable together. It's too bad CéCé doesn't care for modern clothes- she looks lovely in the Cozy Sweater Outfit!

    P.S. Kiki, your braids have been looking super cute lately- are they partially French braided? I want to try your style on my hair!

  3. Thanks for the comments Sabine and Inky! I agree that Cécile looks great in that sweater. Oh well!

    Inky, I do have partial French braids and I like to wear my hair like that. It's been really windy here and my hair never blows in my face! teehee You will have to try it!

    ~ Kiki

  4. How wonderful that the sisters are together, that is great news. I agree with everyone else the sweater is awesome with Ceciles coloring, but can understand her not being comfortable out of her clothing. I am just glad that she came home with you all.

    We allll miss you .. but I miss YOU most,

  5. Oh my goodness, Meli! Now I must get the cozy sweater outfit for Cécé! I already need the pretty plaid dress.. *sigh* Dressing Cécile in modern clothes is horrible and adorable LOL