Friday, March 18, 2011

Springtime Fun

Hi friends! Kiki here! I finally get a chance to write on my own blog. However, most of the photos are of little Fina as usual, haha.

Find Fina
We all got dressed in springy clothes and got a photo taken in our treehouse.

Fina posed with some daffodils a couple of days ago.

Old Typewriter
Our newest friend is Kit. She's really nice and has a lot of great stories to tell us. Today she was showing Fina how to type on an old fashioned typewriter. It's fun, but would not be good for blogging!

Hugs ~ Kiki

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  1. Ohhhh .. hello friends we are so jealous of you guys .. we have rain and rain and snow and rain here still .. no spring flowers at all yet .. we are waiting for it .. looks like you guys have been having awesome weather ..

    Miss You,
    Bolton Girls