Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Belly Dancing

From Fina:

A couple of nights ago I went to a Moroccan restaurant and saw belly dancers perform. One of them let me have a photo with her. Then I decided I wanted to be a belly dancer, too! Partly, that's because of the cool costumes they get to wear. Anyway, they gave a lesson at the end and I learned how to belly dance.

Fina Belly Dancer 3
This is my new costume!

Fina Belly Dancer 2
I gave a performance for my friends.

Fina Belly Dancer
You should join me! It's lots of fun!

Belly Dancer
This is the dancer that inspired me.

Hugs from Fina


  1. Ooooohhhh Fina how kewl is that .. your new outfit is BEAUTIFUL .. i love those colors on you .. and with your earrings that is perfect ..

    That would be fun to get to see them and learn how to dance and dress up like that .. you are lucky to get to go and do things like that ..

    Did you know we are twins??

  2. Edilia - I did not know I had a long lost twin! That is very exciting to hear. We can be friends AND twin sisters!

    ~ Fina