Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gardens and Gnomes

From Fina:

Yesterday Elizabeth and I decided to brighten up the garden and pretend we are flowers.

Flowers in the Distance
See how brown it is?

We danced and sang to help wake up the sleeping flowers.

Then a garden gnome came by and told us it was way too soon to wake up most of the flowers, but we could help clean up the garden.

Fina Gnome
So, today I dressed up like a gnome and went outside.

Fina Meets the Gnome
I found the gnome and asked how I could help.

Fina Meets the Gnome
He laughed and then just said, "Grab a shovel!" I guess gardening is hard work!

~ Fina


  1. Mini Josefina looks SO cute!!

  2. Sooooooo totally cute I love the girls outfits .. you did an awesome job .. the story is cute too .. good that the girls are going to help wake up the flowers I am sooooo ready for spring ..