Friday, January 15, 2010

A Fun Day in the Snow

We promised to take Tirya snowboarding and we did. We went to the mountain at Pleasantview Highlands. Luckily we went before it got too warm and the snow melted. Tirya did a great job on the snowboard with encouragement from Mia on her snowshoes. We ran into Kiki who was tubing. I (Eva) was photographer so here are a bunch of photos!

Mia was snowshoeing:
 photo 20100111_38.jpg

 photo 20100111_42.jpg

 photo 20100111_43.jpg

 photo 20100111_44.jpg

Kiki was tubing:
 photo 20100111_45.jpg

 photo 20100111_46.jpg

 photo 20100111_50.jpg

And brave Tirya went snowboarding!
 photo 20100111_30.jpg

 photo 20100111_31.jpg

She hardly ever even fell. Oops! I did catch this one. I'm getting good with my camera. teehee!
 photo 20100111_34.jpg

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  1. Wow! You all did a great job with your video! I bet you had a lot of fun! What a pretty day - made us want to join you. EXCELLENT!