Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kiki Catches Cold

Kiki is Sick!
"What are you doing in bed, Kiki?" asked Rosie. "It's a gorgeous, warm day outside and you of all people should be out there enjoying it. The daffodils are even blooming!"

Sorry Crouton
"Sorry, Rosie. I have a terrible cold and have to stay in bed," replied a sad Kiki.

Chicken Soup
Word got out that Kiki was sick in bed and friends began to arrive. Grace made her some chicken soup.

Anna helps
Anna arrived and knew just what Kiki needed...

Hot Tea
Hot tea and honey!

Too Much!
But, soon too many people were coming in with too many things and poor Kiki was overwhelmed, until Josefina arrived.

"¡Basta! That's enough!" called out Josefina. "You've all been helpful, but now it's time to let Kiki rest."

Kiki Needs Rest
Josefina tucked Kiki into bed and told her to have a nice nap.

Time to Go
The girls left the room quietly. "Feel better, Kiki!" they whispered. I hope she feels better quickly and can get out to enjoy this lovely spring weather.

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  1. The photos are so cute! I just got the "home sick in bed" kit from OG, and haven't had time to post photos with it. You did a great job; just love it.