Friday, June 24, 2016

WellieWishers Store Preview

Gabi went to see the new Wellie Wishers and her person was lazy and only took photos with her phone. We still thought it would be nice to share the visit.

Follow Follow
When we walked into the store there were footprints for us to follow to find the WellieWishers.

A shot of the crew. They are really adorable and the outfits and boots are super sweet.

Socks and clear wellies
Packs of socks and clear wellies for girls is a brilliant idea!

Pjs for welliewishers
The pajamas look nice and soft and cuter than in this photo.

You can play tic-tac-toe on the garden table with little bugs. So cute!

Tea party
And later have a party. There are lots of accessories in every set.

I love the bunny and the hutch is really cute.

Little Sister
I think the girls work as little sisters. Gabi thought we should bring this one home!

Three is good
Or maybe bring home two!

There is a playhouse...

With a sleeping loft.

And there is much, much more. None of the WellieWishers actually came home with us, but we did get a few pieces of the new mix and match outfits and Gabi got her ears pierced. We will have a fashion show later!


  1. Eeeekkkeee I gotta have the rabbit and hutch .. we have to get it when we are at the store in October to get Virginia (Mary Ellen) .. I am so in love with it from your pictures too .. cute ..

    Looks like you had a lot of fun seeing the new stuff.

  2. The Wellie Wishers look adorable! I probably will not get one anytime soon, because I would be too tempted to buy an AG doll instead! :) :) :) I really like Ashlyn though. She is really cute. I agree, they would make cute AG doll little sisters, mainly because I think they are targeted to the little sisters of AG collectors! What do you think?

    1. I think you are right! AG says the WellieWishers are supposed to be for ages 5 and up. I like them, but will probably stick with the big girls, too, but you never know!

  3. Hi! Great post on the Wellie Wishers. I really like the bunny. I may get one just to set it free of the too tiny hutch. Bunnies should be able to hop at least three times across the hutch to be comfortable. Luckily, it seems this one is allowed to romp freely when supervised (judging by the ramp). Thank you again!

  4. I do have one Wellie Wisher; Emerson. I need to re-name her. She has a few new outfits.