Thursday, June 2, 2016

Springtime at the Treehouse

Springtime at the Treehouse

Kit has invited a whole bunch of her friends over to the treehouse. The trees are in bloom and the weather is sunny and warm. Amanda (Samantha's twin sister) decides to climb the tree instead of going in the proper way. That worries Nellie who says she might fall and hurt herself. Samantha stops gathering flowers to let Nellie know that her twin is very experienced at tree climbing and not to worry. Caroline, Kit and Addy are having a nice chat while admiring the view. The pups want in on the action, too!

We have a photostory in progress and will be posting more soon! Hope you are enjoying the springtime/summertime weather, too, and let us know what you are doing this summer.

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  1. Ohhh looks like you guys are having so much fun .. I cannot wait to be able to set up fun in my bungalow. We are at the coast, saw Cannon Beach but I have not been able to go to the water or sand yet .. tomorrow .. today we visited our cousin for awhile .. It is so exciting to be here the horses seem to know we are somewhere special too they are excited too.