Monday, August 25, 2014

Therapeutic Horseback Riding Part 1

This summer Clara, Charlotte and Kaya are volunteering at a ranch in the mountains. They get to help take care of horses and help other children go horseback riding. The children that come to this ranch have various disabilities and riding horses is an exciting type of therapy that has physical, psychological, cognitive, social, and educational benefits. As usual, there are lots of photos, so please be patient as they load. I know you will enjoy them!

Here are two of the therapy horses, Bill and Lady.

Clara and Charlotte bring the bridles and reins so that Bill and Lady know it's time to work.

All the horses at the ranch are calm and gentle and work well with all kinds of kids.

When a new rider comes they get to watch the horses for a while to get to know them and then choose which one they want to ride.

Fiona decided she wanted to ride Lady.

Sometimes the people and horses are a little nervous when first meeting each other. Horses are more comfortable being approached from the side and since Charlotte has a lot of experience with horses, she is holding Lady's lead and helping her stay calm. Fiona is getting brave enough to pet Lady.

It's time to get Lady ready to ride, so Fiona helps Charlotte brush her and put on her blanket.

Then they put on the saddle. Now it's time to ride!

Please see Part 2 for the rest of the story.

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