Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hiking in the High Country

Ella: Hey, Kiki. Where are you headed with that backpack?
Kiki: I'm going hiking in the high country today.
Ella: Oh, cool! That's a big pack. What all are you taking?

Kiki: When you go hiking in the wilderness you have to be prepared. I've got food and water, a compass, and my camera and binoculars. I should get my rain gear out and bring that, too, along with a trail map. I won't bother to bring my cell phone because it won't work up there. I'll be wearing my sweatshirt and hat because it's cooler at higher altitudes, but I also have on sunscreen because the sun is stronger up there.

Ella: Let me help you get that pack on. It's really heavy!
Kiki: Thanks! Yeah, it's full now. But, it doesn't feel that heavy once I get it on my back.

Ella: Have fun and don't get eaten by a bear!
Kiki: Okay, and I won't!

And THIS is why we call it the high country. Our hike will start at 10,300 feet which is about 3,139 meters. It's about 60 degrees here, which is about 15.5 degrees celsius. That's pretty cool for a summer day, but the sun feels strong! There is no rain in the forecast, but it often rains for a short while in the afternoons up here. There can also be dangerous thunderstorms that sweep in quickly, so we try to be done hiking by noon. Other important things to remember is not to hike alone, and to let someone know where you are going. This all makes it sounds scary, but it's really very safe if you know what you are doing.

First we followed a trail that is used for snowshoeing in the winter. There are a few signs to get people started.

The signs are way up high because the ground will be covered with lots of very deep snow. I want to come back in the winter and see that! And some more photos:

It is so gorgeous up here that it's hard not to post dozens of photos, but, these will have to do.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my visit to the high country. I'd love to hear if any of you go hiking and where you go!

~ Kiki


  1. Woah!! Stunning views!! What a hike! I love to hike, but I never see anything like that! :O

    ~ Mint