Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Name and A Very Green Walk

Hi everyone, it's Kiki. Now I know the title of the blog is different, but you know what? It really started out as Mia's and Eva's blog and I decided it was only fair to let them have it back. They are twins, but they are so different. Mia loves sports and Eva loves fashion. Anyway, I'll still be around, so I left my name up, too.

Today I went for a long walk by the creek. It was so lush and green! I'm glad I wore my new green dress so I fit right in.

It looks like it was snowing, but really that is cotton fluff from the cottonwood trees. It was everywhere!

Do I look like a model here? teehee!!!

I was a long walk and I started to get tired.

I wasn't the only one! Our person's puppy decided it was time for a rest and dug a nice bed in the cool sand.

Thanks all for now.
~ Kiki