Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dollies and Painting

Today was a hot day and the girls retreated indoors during the warmest part. Here's what I found them doing.

Amanda and Addy played with their dolls. I think they could do that all day long! Amanda got a new dolly stroller and shared it with Addy.

Nellie joined in the dolly fun, but poor Samantha had not finished her embroidery project and could not play yet. I actually don't think she looks too unhappy, though. Maybe she likes to do her stitching work.

I found Saige in the art studio. The thick adobe walls keep it nice and cool. That is definitely her favorite place to hang out.

She was just finishing another lovely painting. I admire her talent!

What did you do today? Is it hot where you live?

~ Kiki


  1. It is HUMID where we live! So we are inside too. Today we had school (math and reading), listened to stories, and played "Jedis and American Indians."

    --Anne and Tillie