Friday, June 27, 2014

Ivy Goes Visiting

Yesterday our Mama visited a friend who collects dolls, but not AGs. However, this friend does have some AG furniture just because she loves it. Her dolls are 1/6th scale, so it's a testament to AG's quality and uniqueness that she buys the furniture just for itself. Ivy didn't have anyone to play with, but she found some fun things to do anyway.

Ivy went along and had a great time playing while the grown-ups had iced tea and chatted.

First Ivy found a doll that she fell in love with.

She gave it a ride in an old stroller.

And then she found a desk just her size and wrote in a little leather book. She said that what she wrote was a secret!

Do you ever go visiting where the grown-ups sit and talk and there is no one to play with? What do you do then?

~ Kiki

P.S. Our reading list has reappeared! Thank you blogspot!

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  1. Great photo story. Reminds me of attending dinner parties with my parents when I was little. The adults would chat with me for a bit then send me to the toy room or TV room to play. It was neat to visit the other people's toys.