Sunday, November 4, 2012

Letters Home Continue

I really did not intend to write another letter so soon, but wanted to share an exciting event. Plus having wifi is a treat and we can't spend all day at the beach, but have to rest and do quiet activities sometimes. ;-)
Dear Clara, and Any Other Friends who would like to read this,

I am so happy to have new friends! Yipppeeee! And I really glad to have someone to talk to about things going on during our trip. Traveling is fun, but it is also a little hard. I kind of miss my own room and toys and the comforts of home. It really helps to talk about that kind of stuff with friends. Last night I REALLY missed home and here's why:

I told you how I was planning to fall asleep with the nice breeze blowing and the waves rolling on the shore, and I did. I was having a dream that I met a talking parrot on the beach. There aren't really parrots here, but this was a dream, you know. He could talk like a real person, not just repeat words, and I was so excited! I wanted to take him home with us and then I could have my own special friend to talk to whenever I wanted. I went to find Tía Meli to see if we could keep him, but someone kept taking pictures with a flash and the light was blocking my way and I couldn't find her. I started to get worried, but then... I woke up! There was lightning all around us. For REAL! It was flashing constantly and in every direction. I have never seen anything like that in my whole life! Never ever!!! I was super scared, and so were Daisy and Josefina.

We jumped into bed with Tía and Tío and hid under the covers, but I could still see the lightning flashes. I had to put a pillow on my head. Then the worst part was Tía and Tío got out of bed and went outside!!! Don't you think that was crazy? It wasn't raining yet, but it was getting really windy and they wanted to take down the awning that we have for shade. I was soooooo worried about them being out there, but they said they wouldn't go out if it was really dangerous. Now I don't think I ever want to be an adult if it means having to be so brave and go out in the lightning to take down the awning! No sir, not me!

They got the awning put away just in time before the rain came and then we all cuddled in bed. Soon Tío was snoring - haha!!! Just like nothing happened. But, Meli said she needed a pillow over her head to get to sleep, just like us kids. I guess adults are not really so brave after all. :)

Your friend,



  1. Kiki, Hello again, how are you doing?? I love thunder and lightening storms when I have a safe place to watch them from. I would not be out in the storm getting the awning though, LOL .. I would be safe in my room or on my deck watching, depending on the storm's furiousness.

    Hugs, N Friendship,

  2. We are doing great! We spent yesterday at the beach and I got to boogie board! It was really fun and Daisy and I laughed so hard as the waves carried us into shore. Don't worry, the waves here are not very big and the water is not deep, so it's perfect for kids. We have photos to upload later.

    Surfer Kiki - teehee

    1. Ohhh fun, us girls loved boogie boarding when we visited the ocean too. It is fun and then we have a warm indoor pool to go to after we freeze in the pacific icey ocean. LOL!!

      Miss You,