Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Letter Home

I have been traveling for over two weeks, and really miss my friend, Clara, so I decided to write her a letter. We have wifi here at Mustang Island, but it is too slow to upload photos, so writing will have to do for now. This is really to Clara and ALL my friends!
Dear Clara and friends,

I just wanted to write and tell you that I'm having a great time, but I wish you were here. teehee I know that's a cliche, but it's true! I really miss you. It's fun traveling with Josefina and Daisy, but I really, really wish you could be here, too. Tía Meli feels the same way. It would not have been that hard to fit one more of us in the car and trailer!!! Next time, we PROMISE, cross our hearts and pinky swear that we will bring you along no matter what!

I feel a little bit better remembering the fun we had on our last trip. Remember that cool teepee we found? We played in that for hours! I really think we could have spent the night in there if it wasn't for bears. OOOOOHHHHHH - I shudder to think about them!!! There are no bears here, but there are rattle snakes in the grasses on the dunes. At least that's what they tell us. I'm not really afraid, but I'm not going to walk through those dunes, either.

Today we did a beach walk with a park ranger that knew EVERYTHING about the birds, sea shells, eco systems, water, plants… you name it - he knew it all. He was a big man with red hair and a beard named Mike and I liked him right away because he didn't act like a "know-it-all" even though he does know it all. Oh, yeah, I already said that! *snicker* He was funny, too. Here on the Gulf things wash ashore from all over the world because of the tides. The seaweed on the beach is from the Sargasso Sea way over on the other side of the continent. Stuff comes from South America and the Carribean… It's cool to start looking in the sand. Oh, and there are plastic bottles with holes in them that are turtle bites. The turtles think they look like a jelly fish and take a bite, but luckily I guess they spit the plastic back out. It's sad to see so much trash wash ashore. People need to be more careful about that!!!

I could write about fifty pages to tell you all that has happened, but it's getting to be time for bed. I can't wait to talk to you and show you photos. There is wifi here at the park (obviously, since I'm on my laptop, Duh!) but it is too sl…ooooo…www… to upload photos.

There's a nice breeze blowing through the windows right now and we leave them open all night and can hear the waves. Bubsy, our puppy loves that! I know she misses you, too.




  1. Sounds like you are having so much fun, I wish I could be with you too. Kiki remember the fun we used to have together? I sure wish we could visit again, it would be great to see you again.

    I hate rattle snakes, we have them around here too, but not enough that we see them all the time or anything. They are just around.

    That would have been kewl to go around with the guide and hear things about that area of the ocean. It is sad that so much junk and trash wash up on the beach, that is terrible. Sisters saw a turtle that had gotten into a pop can holder and its shell grew around it. It was so sad too, that our trash kills and hurts the living creatures on earth.

    We LOVE listening to the ocean when we are camping in our motel on the beach. It is so relaxing and just wonderful to listen to it.

    Miss You Kiki,
    Hugs N Friendship,

  2. Hi Emi! It's so great to "talk" to you! I do remember having fun together and I know Holly really misses you guys, too. Maybe we can plan a visit when I get home again.

    I love being here on the beach. But, speaking of trash, the plastic bags that are everywhere get swallowed by the turtles and it kills them. :( Turtles are really nearsighted and the bags look like a jellyfish to them. I think that is awfully sad. I am definitely going to pick up any plastic bag I see on the beach from now on.

    Great Big Hugs Back To You,

  3. A visit sounds like the perfect thing, we will have to see what we are doing and plan on that. You guys sound and look like you are having tons of fun.

    Miss You,
    Emi N Family