Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow Day

Snow Day 1 of 4
Kirsten was still asleep as the day began to brighten with the dawn. Even half awake she began to sense something was different. There was a hush in the air and the cabin felt cold. She shivered even though wearing her warmest flannel nightgown.
Snow Day 2 of 4
Then she sat up with a start! Wait! Could it be...?
Snow Day 3 of 4
She ran to the door and threw it open. "YES! It's snowing!" she cried.
Snow Day 4 of 4
"Happy snow day, everyone!"

The first snow of the season is always very exciting. Mia, Eva, Luci and I all hope to go out and play in it when we finish our chores!


Kiki, your trusty, ace reporter from Pleasant View. :)


  1. Hi Kiki!

    I dropped by your site and just wanted to say "Hi"! I loved your photostory, Kirsten looks so cute, and beautiful lighting too!

    I hope you all have fun time in your snow!


  2. I Just Can't Believe it snowed! we got 4 inches here