Saturday, July 12, 2014

Part 4 - The Party!

Izzy's successful recital was a great excuse to have a party. Almost all of our friends were able to come and we had a great time.

 photo DSC_0062_zps2194b652.jpg
"I'm taking off the apron." announced Ella. She had done lots and lots of baking to get ready for the party.

 photo DSC_0064_zps1f3b6142.jpg
"You did an amazing job!" said Gracie as she gazed at all the goodies on the table. "You could be a professional caterer!"

 photo DSC_0066_zps874e6f0b.jpg
"Just look at all that food. I'm getting hungrier by the minute." continued Gracie.

 photo DSC_0069_zpsdba6eb96.jpg
"Did someone say hungry? I'm starving!" announced Isabelle as she came into the room, eyeing the sandwiches and cupcakes.

 photo DSC_0071_zps51cb3622.jpg
But, being polite, Izzy greeted everyone before sitting down with Clara to enjoy her food.

 photo DSC_0074_zps11ceda9d.jpg
More and more friends arrived and everyone stayed in the kitchen. People wonder why that happens, but I know: it's because that's where the food is!

 photo DSC_0076_zps76fb6ea0.jpg
Ivy complimented Eva on the beautiful job she did with Izzy's makeup. Ivy plans to have her own dance recital someday, and is a big fan of Izzy.

 photo DSC_0080_zps023409e2.jpg
I handed the camera to Sophie and let her take a few photos.

 photo DSC_0085_zpsc84144c3.jpg
More and more people arrived and I stopped taking photos so I could just enjoy the party.

 photo DSC_0093_zps73f2f6c1.jpg
But, the last thing I did was set the camera on auto and take a group photo. "Cheese!"

The End

P.S. I know that inquiring minds are curious to know about the doll family here. We have a few more friends that live in the modern world that were not able to come to the party: Saige (at art camp), Kaya (working at a very special dude ranch), Noelle (#33, more about her later), Mia (watching the World Cup) and Rosalie (#48, visiting Cécile). There are also 14 historical girls that are all in their own homes right now, doing their own historical things!

My next story will be about Mia's soccer team and then I will be visiting Kaya at the ranch. Let me know if you would like me to visit some of the other time periods in future stories, or if you have other requests.

I also apologize for the quality of the photos. I tried a different photo hosting site and I don't think the resolution is as good as it should be.

~ Kiki


  1. Cute party! I love the blue highlights in Ella's hair! <3

    ~ Mint

  2. That is a great after dance recital party! Lots of good food and company what more could you need.

  3. Fabulous party!

    You've been nominated for the Daisy Chain Award. (again?)
    See it here:

  4. Love all the outfits! Specifically, Izzy's top, Kanani's skirt & Ivy's skirt!

  5. Thank you all for the comments. I love those highlights, too and I don't think Ella will ever take them out unless it's to change colors. I mix and match lots of things. Izzy's top is by Sophia's, I made Kanani's skirt, and Ivy's skirt is by Zulily. It's lucky there is so much to choose from for these girls. :)

  6. I love the group photo at the end! You girls are lovely!


  7. I love 55 in the coconut outfit. I love the set up and all your dolls are so beautiful. Kananus skirt is amazing. Where is your table and chairs from?

    1. Sorry! I just saw this comment! The table and chairs are an old Our Generation set. And thank your for the comment!