Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Lost Little Girl - Part 1

A doll shop was closing and the dolls whispered to each other about their fears of what would happen to them. Some said they would be thrown in a bin and taken to a dump. Other's said they would end up in a pile in a thrift store with their clothes lost and hair all matted. Some of the girls decided to take matters into their own hands and run away. Adrienne was one of them. She goes by "Rennie" and convinced her best friend, Zoe, to join her. So, one morning before the shop opened they climbed out of their boxes and through an open window.

Little Girl in the Forest

I found little Rennie in the forest looking lost and confused. She and Zoe had been separated when being chased by a cat.


I told Rennie she could come live with us in the doll world of Pleasantview and we would take good care of her. We went home together to have some lunch, promising to go back out and look for her friend later. be continued...

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