Friday, March 6, 2015

A Rainy Day

I was hoping to go out and look for birds or play on the beach, but the weather had something else in mind: RAIN! I know many of you are buried in tons of snow, so I won't complain. At least it was fun to stay inside and read a mystery. I just read "Whistler in the Dark" by Kathleen Ernst and it was really good. It's part of a series of books by American Girl that are set in different parts of history, but don't relate to any specific doll. They're called Mysteries Through History. This one takes place in the Colorado Territory just after the Civil War and I like imagining what it was like in my usual part of the country way back when they were digging for gold and forming new towns. The main character's mom is very forward in her thinking and makes herself a "Reformer Dress" that is actually trousers under a knee length skirt. Wow, she was really brave to wear that because she got lots of grief from both men and women.

What do you like to do on indoor days? And, what are your favorite books? I'm going to the library later and need some ideas since it's supposed to rain off and on over the next week!

~ Kiki


  1. I like to play card or board games with myself (I find that a lot more fun than playing with others, idk why).
    If you're into fantasy, I suggest the Bartimaeus Sequence by Jonathan Stroud. Bartimaeus is extremely sarcastic, cynical, and hilarious, and the books are dramatic yet fun reads.

    - Ellie