Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fina and Josefina in Santa Fe

Many of you may not know, but Fina (our mini Josefina) has been a traveler for many years. She is back in action and recently visited downtown Santa Fe.

We "had" to stop for Mexican hot chocolate at an amazing little chocolate shop. Don't you love the Mexican pottery they serve it in!

It's very common to see art featuring the skeletons from the Day of the Dead. Lamps and mirrors made from elaborately carved tin are very popular.

We saw this sculpture of a burro, and my friends suggested Fina get on for a ride and photo. It's funny how Fina becomes a part of the group and both men and women start making suggestions of things she'd like to do!

Even though Fina always seems to steal the show, I guess because she's so little and cute, beautiful Josefina did get in a few photos:

I hope you have enjoyed this little taste of Santa Fe. :)

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  1. It looks like Josefina and Fina had a blast in Santa Fe!! Also I've nominated you for an award on my blog :)