Monday, October 6, 2014

Life On An Island

Hello everyone! I am writing from a very different sort of place today. While many people are enjoying fall colors and digging out sweaters and hats, I am practically living in my swim suit and glad we have AC! I am on an island far, far south. If we went a few miles farther south we would be in Mexico. In fact, we feel like we are since we see mostly all Mexican families at the beach and in stores and hear much more Spanish than English. Clara and meli are delighted!

Toni and I spend most of our time at the beach.

"Come on, Kiki! Surf's up!" We actually boogie board, but we like to say we are surfing.

Here's Clara standing in our garden. It's all cactus plants, but still has some colorful flowers.

In the north you might be picking apples while here we are picking the cactus figs. They are edible and no animals can get to them because of their sharp spines. You can't see them, but the grey dots are actually lots of tiny but sharp hairs.

Being careful not to touch those stickers, Clara picked a bowlful.

Meli very carefully cut them and removed the sweet fruit from inside. She is going to mix them with other fruits for a fruit salad for tonight's dinner. It's also very common to make jam out of them and I hope we get to do that later.

As Toni says, surfs up, so I have to go. More later!

Kiki, the island girl.

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