Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Did Go on a Plane

Well, I did get to go on a plane, but otherwise my trip was not very exciting. I stayed in a hotel room with little Fina for company, and only got one photo taken of myself. There was another taken with the phone in the airplane, but it did not turn out. Oh well, at least I did go somewhere and I was a comfort to my human who needed me along so she would not feel lonely. Such is the life of a doll sometimes. Oh, and I got a new dress and shoes out of it, too!

From Just fun pics

Here is Fina on the plane:
From Mini Josefina


  1. Kiki, school is going good .. but I sure miss you .. love your dress it is so kewl .. looks shiny in the photo ..

    Your Friend,

  2. Your dress is pretty, Kiki! Red looks great on you. :)
    Yeah, I hear you! A couple of years ago, I got to go to Canada, but did I get to see anything? Nope, unless you count the interior of the hotel room. ;) At least the experience of going on a road trip or plane trip is pretty fun in itself!