Thursday, November 12, 2020

Looking at Sheep?

"The Queen of Cupcakes has done it again!" announced Sorbet as she brought a freshly decorated batch to the table for Eva and Luci. [Some background for those who are newer here: Eva is Mia's twin sister. While Mia loves sports, Eva loves fashion, although not everyone agrees with her sense of style. Luci is Kiki's little sister and is quiet and shy. She is known for LOVING Hello Kitty.  Sorbet has just discovered baking after watching The Great British Baking Show over and over.] Cupcakes 1 "Hello! Earth to Eva and Luci," said Sorbet as the two girls continued to stare at the iPhone. What could be keeping their attention away from her amazing cupcakes? Cupcakes 1 "What? Oh great!. Thank you," said Mia as she finally put down the phone. ??? "Here's some milk to go with the cupcakes. So, what have you two been looking at?" asked Sorbet. "It's Wool Week and we've been looking at the photos and the story that Trudy put in the online version of The Gazette," answered Eva. "Yeah, we are learning all about sheep," Luci added in her quiet voice. And then she said, "They're cute!" which sent both girls giggling. "Wool Week! Why didn't you say so! I love sheep. They are so gentle and fluffy. I hear you can even use their milk in baking," responded Sorbet. And then she added, "Let me see the sheep you've been looking at." Cupcakes Sorbet picked up the phone and exclaimed, "Hold on a minute. This isn't a sheep. This is Harold!" That made Eva and Lucy giggle even more. "We think he's cute!" they both exclaimed at once.  "Well, yeah.  I guess so," responded Sorbet, "but let me know when you get to the photos of sheep!"  And she turned to do the dishes, shaking her head. What is this?

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  1. Love your photos! Your Luci is really sweet, and Eva/Mia's tennis shoes are cute.